Yolanda Díaz offers Podemos that Nacho Álvarez will be minister in exchange for stopping the "attacks and insults" in Sumer

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Yolanda Díaz has offered to Podemos that Nacho Álvarez be a minister in exchange for stop the “attacks and insults” to Sumar, including the vice president. In a letter sent this Friday to the party purplethe coalition that brought together 15 parties to the left of the PSOE to compete together in the 23-J elections has formalized an offer that includes the commitment to “establish a cordial relationship of cooperation with the entire space”, as has been advanced eldiario.es and this newspaper has confirmed.

Through her Twitter account, Ione Belarra, general secretary of Podemos, has rejected it with the argument that “the formation of a Government is something very serious.” “The possibilities of transforming our country and stopping the reactionary offensive depend on it. In the democratic bloc we all need each other, without vetoes”he warned on the aforementioned social network.

To which he added: “Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz have leaked the news at the same time as they communicated it to us, which seems more like a media strategy to justify kicking us out of the Government than a proposal to govern in a coalition.”

“Like the rest of the political formations, starting with the PSOE, Podemos’s ministers are elected by Podemos. Podemos continues to think that the best thing it can contribute to the coalition government is to deepen the feminist transformations at the head of the Ministry of Equality” Belarra has insisted in reference to her demand that Irene Montero continue to be her representative in La Moncloa.

Álvarez was Pablo Iglesias’ trusted person in the first bicolor government of democracy and, as number two of the Ministry of Social Rights, agreed on several Budgets and the Minimum Living Income. Yolanda Díaz incorporated him into Sumar, where he has been in charge of negotiating the new agreement with the PSOE, although he is still Secretary of Economy of Podemos, where he is considered a “traitor.”

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