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‘It couldn’t be happier’… World Cup cheers vary


As this World Cup in Qatar is the first World Cup held in the Middle East, the joys and sorrows of Asian countries, especially Middle Eastern countries, are becoming a hot topic.

It is also fun to see the various ways to express the thrill of victory.

This is Reporter Jeong Ho-yoon.


The victory in the World Cup was special for Iran, which was rarely in a festive mood due to anti-government protests and strong suppression.

Iran’s judiciary released more than 700 prisoners, including protesters, in celebration of the victory over Wales.

“I came here because I wanted to use the opportunity of the World Cup to let the world know how terrible things are happening in Iran.”

Saudi Arabia, a rich Middle Eastern country, declared the following day a national holiday after beating favorites Argentina in their first match.

Crown Prince Bin Salman readily gave away his private plane for injured players, and rumors even circulated that he would present luxury vehicles worth hundreds of millions of won to Saudi national team players.

Fans of the regular World Cup winners are also happy with their victory.

“The first half was difficult, but the second half is satisfying. We won. We’re the only ones who have won five World Cups. That’s Brazil.”

“The World Cup trophy will be in our hands, in Argentina’s hands. Messi will show it to the world. Don’t touch Messi.”

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But if you can’t control your emotions, your eyes will be frowned upon.

Moroccan football fans, who tasted the World Cup victory in 24 years, received criticism from all over the world for their self-congratulatory ceremony.

This is Yonhap News TV Jeong Ho-yoon.

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