Entertainment Yoshio warned of coronavirus danger

Yoshio warned of coronavirus danger

Yoshio He will be remembered for being an artist who until the end of his days sang and used his voice to liven up the quarantine of thousands of people and for that love he felt for his neighbor, he did not tire of sharing recommendations and messages on the importance of quarantining and respect the instructions of the health authorities.

Despite the fact that the singer carried out all the necessary protocols and care, the virus somehow entered his home and after 12 days in the hospital, today he lost the fight against Covid-19.

“How about my dear friends, I am very pleased to greet all of you, my dear Mexico, I am addressing all of you so as not to break this chain of awareness in the face of this pandemic, the coronavirus that is ravaging the world, we have Right now the possibility of being able to get ahead of ourselves in some way and being able to avoid a lot of contagion, so the only thing I want to tell you is that they do not leave their homes and if they do not have what or why to leave, then do not, if they have to buying groceries because we have to do it, because we also have that need… ”said the interpreter in a Twitter post on March 24.

“But I also want to tell you that we are very blessed by God, because He gives us the possibility to stay in our houses. I know that there are many people who work and live daily, because I send my blessings to these people and I say take good care of yourselves and take all the precautions, I believe that this will be the way to stop this pandemic and that it is not a disgrace for our Mexico… I love you very much, God bless you and Long live Mexico! ”, he expressed in that message, which now will remain as a warning of the vulnerability of human beings to coronavirus.

Like many artists, he prepared a special concert that he broadcast from his Instragram account on March 29 and a month later he prepared another one that he postponed due to problems with his internet connection.

Even on April 30, the singer showed his condolences to the family of his great friend Óscar Chávez, who also lost the battle due to complications caused by the Covid-19.

The singer began to present some salmonella symptoms, from which he began to be treated, after there was no improvement and his health deteriorated, it was when he had to be admitted to the Xoco Hospital in Mexico City. The news was released by the composer himself on his Twitter account, which would be the last to post.

Within a few hours of making his state of health public, it would be his family who would report that the “Samurai of the song” was in critical condition, cased and sedated.




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