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Chiquis Rivera was seen having a very romantic dinner with a businessman. They claim that he has completely forgotten Lorenzo Méndez

They assure that already Chiquis Rivera She completely forgot her husband Lorenzo Méndez, with whom she has barely been married for a year. The singer was seen eating very romantically with a businessman.

Less than a month after the sounded separation between Chiquis and Lorenzo, several paparazzi captured Jenni Rivera’s daughter enjoying a delicious meal with the company of businessman Jorge Cuevas.

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In the images you can see how the businessman did not take his eyes off her and it was reciprocated, since the singer reacted to the look in a very flirtatious way, so it is already beginning to speculate if the famous woman would be dating the man .

It is not the first time that Chiquis and the businessman have enjoyed together, several days ago, they also accompanied each other at a meal. Several rumors have emerged that assure that the artist would be giving herself a chance in love.

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Lupillo Rivera, Chiquis’s uncle, spoke on the subject. “We have talked, she is already a woman, who already makes her own decisions and we have to let her be because only in this way do people learn; then she knows that she has my full support in any decision, “he said on the First Hand program.

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