‘You are going to be left without mayors’… Narcomanta against Cuauhtémoc Blanco claimed responsibility for the murder of the mayor in Xoxocotla

Members of organized crime claimed responsibility for the assassination of the president of the Indigenous Municipal Council of Xoxocotla, Morelos, Benjamin Lopez Palacios and threatened the governor Cuauhtemoc Blanco Bravo with killing other mayors.

This Wednesday, two blankets appeared in Ixtla Bridge, addressed to Cuauhtémoc Blanco with a message stating that the former head of the Secretary of State Finance, Alejandro Villareal Gasca, is involved in the meeting that the governor held with leaders of organized crime.

The police took down the messages that were found in the municipality of Puente Ixtla. They claim the murder of the mayor of the Morelos municipality of Xoxocotla, Benjamin Lopez, in addition to insulting and attacking White.

“There goes the first Cuauhtémoc Blanco, don’t send me to talk to assholes. Keep sucking and you’re going to run out of mayors, I fucking warned you, here’s the first one. And if you want to know more about who organized the meeting, ask the former treasurer Villareal, he will be able to give you more exact data, another piece of information, investigate the death of Ray, who was interested in his dying in prison “, it reads on the blanket.

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Photo of Cuauhtémoc Blanco with alleged drug traffickers was taken in a Morelense parish

The anonymous message also proposes to investigate the death of Raymundo Isidro Castro, ‘El Ray’, regional leader of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Morelos.

Villareal Gasca resigned from his position in July 2020 and pointed out that people inside and outside the Cabinet of the State Executive, “Close to the governor,” they made decisions based on political interests that compromised Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Morelos “for the worse.”

Benjamín López was murdered yesterday in his Management House, located on Calle 5 de Mayo in the Colonia Center of Xoxocotla. According to her niece, Xochitl Toral Lopez, three people supposedly went to ask for support and shot the mayor at close range, then fled. Today his body is veiled in the same place where the crime occurred.


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