“You are the most valuable person.”

In a new chapter of the controversial series, the Egyptian actress Hala Shiha returned to issue new statements that seemed to be an apology to her father, the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, after The sharp statements made by the retired artist to her father In response to his criticism of her because of her crisis with the star Tamer Hosni, and his saying that she was “kidnapped intellectually” by her husband, the preacher Moez Masoud.

Interaction continues to escalate through social networking sites from Hala Shiha’s statements and her crisis with Tamer Hosni due to the release of a video clip that combines with him scenes from the movie “Mish Ana” currently presented in cinemas in the Arab world.

In the latest chapters of the crisis, which topped the social networking sites in Egypt for days, Hala Shiha published a picture of her gathering with her father on her account on “Instagram”, accompanied by a comment that said: “My beloved, my dear father, the dearest of people. Alia, and you are the most precious of people.

This came after an attack by the retired artist on her father, in response to His statements criticizing what she did to her colleague Tamer Hosni, who co-starred in the movie “Not Me”, these statements that opened fire on Hala from all sides.

At the time, Hala responded to her father, through her account on “Instagram”, and commented, stressing that she was shocked by what her father said about her husband, noting that she married him of her own free will, and found with him all the beautiful meanings of respect, manhood and magnanimity.

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She stressed that her husband did not kidnap her, as her father said, explaining that this hadith is never true, especially that she loves her husband and is happy with his love for her, and there is mutual respect between them.

She pointed out that her husband is much greater than what is being said about him, and that the slanders that affect him are not true, which is far from her, stressing that she will not allow anyone to talk about him with any wrong perception.

She stated that her husband has a clear vision in religion as well as in art, and he does not belong to any particular group or group, and no one has the right to classify him or put him in any mold just because his whims do not agree with him.

The Egyptian artist expressed her great sadness at her father because he knows her husband personally, and they sat together a lot, and her father loves him very much and only saw good from him.

Shiha’s response came after that Her father attacked her and expressed his anger towards his daughter And what she does and says, stressing that these actions put her family in an embarrassing situation, saying: “This is not a solution that I know.”

A large number of art stars in Egypt had They launched an attack on Hala Shiha because of her words against Tamer HosniSome demanded that she return the money she got from the film, claiming that this money came from participating in something forbidden, according to what Hala Shiha sees.

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Some artists considered that talking about art being “void”, according to Hala’s expression, is something that means that there is something wrong, and some also demanded that she not return and ask for acting again when she separates from her husband in the future.


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