“You are treated like cattle”

The granddaughter of Spanish refugees who fled franco’s dictatorship, the singer Olivia Ruiz has wanted to talk about his ancestors who disappeared in her first novel, failing to have ever pierced their secrets.

The songstress Olivia Ruiz is back this week on the front of the stage. No new album since the release of’Our body magnets in 2016 : the artist, the discovery in the first season of the Star Academy it keeps a “very bad memory“, is currently the promotion of a first novel called The Convenient drawers of colors, brought in the beginning of the year because of the sars coronavirus. A book created from a novel, itself written for a “beautiful book“.

“My ancestors are left with their secrets”

But the drafting has not been easy, as she confides to the magazine IT : “I highly doubted it : the jacket seemed to me too great for my shoulders“. All the more that the artist of 40 years was inspired by his own family history. “Like Rita, my heroine, my grandparents fled the franco regime : one of my grandmothers was 7 years old when she crossed the Pyrenees“, she recalls. “Until my 12 years, I grew up with them, to Marseillette, in a café like the one she holds in the novel. Apart from that, my ancestors are left with their secrets. And this is not the fault of harassing“. By immersing themselves in the writing of this “fiction“, Olivia Ruiz ensures be able to “no more bumping their silences“.

“They were white, and catholic : imagine for others !”

Why the grand-mother ofOlivia Ruiz she preferred silence to his story, mixed with a great Story ? The one that played in the movie States of emergency has his idea : “You land a little girl in an unknown country where you don’t want to be, because you love yours. You are treated like cattle, you get suspicious of you, they judge you. Over 400,000 Spanish emigrants have experienced this. And yet, they were white, and catholic : imagine for others ! Then, they are made discrete. Their children have not asked any questions and it is the third generation that it irks“. Loved psychogénéalogie, Olivia Ruiz is thus convinced that his family history is at the origin, her home,”this feeling of never being in his place“.

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