You can recognize if you have summer depression by these symptoms

Everyone has heard of winter depression, but did you know that you can also have summer depression? Not everyone is automatically happy with a sun. We tell you more about it.

Summer Depression

Gloomy feelings certainly do not only occur in autumn and winter. Many people also suffer from seasonal depression in the summer. Although it occurs less often than in other seasons, one in a thousand Dutch people suffers from it. The symptoms of summer depression are basically the same as those of ‘regular’ depression, but the difference is that they come and go with the season. During the summer people suffer from gloom, sleep deprivation, concentration problems, overstimulation and loss of interests.

Summer dip

In addition to a summer depression, there is also such a thing as a summer dip. About one in three hundred Dutch people suffer from this. The complaints associated with a summer dip resemble those of a summer depression, but are much less serious. Also, a summer slump usually lasts a few weeks, while a summer depression can last a few months.

Different causes

Bad news for us women: Research has shown that seasonal depression in particular affects women. Where a winter depression has a clear cause (lack of daylight), it is a bit more complicated with a summer depression. “It is thought that the fluctuation in neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and melatonin, may be the culprit. It is caused by too much sunlight,” psychologist April Aggarwal told Good Housekeeping. Other possible causes for summer depression are the changing lifestyle of many people, insecurity about their body and the fear of missing out on fun things.

By the doctor

Do you notice that you suffer from the symptoms of depression for more than two weeks during the summer period? Then it is a wise idea to visit your doctor. They can advise you and, if necessary, refer you to a practice nurse or psychologist.

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