You can’t even see it! José Eduardo reveals not to support this actor from Televisa and humiliates him

Mexico City.- José Eduardo DerbezHe has shared the second part of his video on YouTube withDiego de Erice, with whom he confessed several secrets, such asinfidelityto your ex and thatactor of Televisanotsupportsnor see, who alsohumiliatedagreeing that he was not famous.

The actors made strong revelations throughout the video, leaving more than one jaw-dropping, especially when the comedian decided to confess that there was someone in the middle of the show who he couldn’t stand, he “shit …”.

I know one that you and I dislike … We already know who. It starts with J, “said the actor.

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Diego questioned him about what actor or actress he could not bear and after several laps he began to say that there was someone who could not bear either him or Erice, which turned on his friend’s spotlight and understood the hint saying at the end the name of the person, Jonathan Becerra.

Becerra worked with them on the Televisa novel,What rich poor, and they spread it affirming that he had such a bad character that neither he could bear it, besides that “he is not famous” despite the fact that he does believe it.

That is not even a famous friend, “said Erice.” No, but we both disliked, “replied José Eduardo.” Well, but he just falls ill. Greetings Jonathan Becerra “, concluded Diego.

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Source: YouTube @joseduardoderbez



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