You endanger fish. Do not urinate into the water, the protectors begged for the participants of the festival

Experts warn that increased levels of these banned substances could endanger the rare eels that live in the river.

Researchers at Bangor University in Welsh took samples from the river in 2019, before, during and after the famous festival. The concentration of MDMA in the water was four times higher one week after several days of action.

“This study shows that drugs are released to such an extent that they disrupt the life cycle of eel. Efforts to protect this endangered species are also potentially compromised, ”said Christian Dunn, one of the researchers in the study.

“Contamination with banned substances due to urination in public takes place at every music festival. The proximity of the Glastonbury Festival to the river means that any drugs excluded by visitors do not have enough time to decompose in the soil before they penetrate the fragile aquatic ecosystem, ”said another co-author of the study, Dan Aberg.

A spokesman for the festival said the authorities had not contacted the organizers about 2019 and possible water pollution.

The Glastonbury Festival is one of the largest music shows in the world with a capacity for around 200,000 spectators. Every year, there is such interest in tickets that they sell out in a few hours.

Last year and this year, however, the festival did not take place due to the covidu-19 pandemic, this year it was replaced by a virtual concert.

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