You have a job that did not exist ten years ago. Witness.


By participating in this testimonial invitation, you authorize the publication in whole or in part of your contribution on the Le website, in the Le Monde newspaper, on "M, The Magazine of the World" or on any other site in which the publishing house du Monde publishes editorial content (Facebook, Twitter, Digiteka, Instagram, etc.).

Any testimony containing statements contrary to the law is prohibited and will obviously not be published.

Spelling and careful formatting are needed (no uppercase letters, no abbreviation or "SMS" type).

You must specify the date and place where your photo or video documents were taken and write a descriptive legend.

Your testimony must be signed with your first and last name. The requests for anonymity in case of publication will be examined by the editorial office on a case-by-case basis.

The full conditions for depositing the testimony are accessible under the front form.


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