You have to do it within a year

Felix Afena-Gyan has officially become the new protégé of Roma coached by José Mourinho. He was stolen from two big Serie A players but the Giallorossi took him for 350 thousand euros. Upon arrival, there was also a promise: “You have to do it in the first year.”

Felix Afena-Gyan officially became the new protégé of the Roma trained by Jose Mourinho. The decisive brace that allowed the Giallorossi to win at the ‘Ferraris’ against Genoa, has definitively opened the doors of professional football to the Ghanaian striker who suddenly has attracted the attention of European football. The Special One, as a demonstration of his gratitude towards him after the two decisive goals, gave him a pair of shoes for 800 euros, as demonstrated amply yesterday with a video that immediately went viral on social media.

Many are wondering how Roma was able to be able to take this 2003 class anticipating competition from other clubs. In reality, the negotiation to bring the player to the Capitoline club was anything but simple. Not only because there was a risk that other teams could win it, but rather because of the bureaucratic problems that arose later. “It was not easy to get the permits” he said Oliver Arthur, FIFA agent who mediated for the player’s purchase, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport, telling some interesting background on the deal.

Curious how Afena Gyan had been initially proposed by Oliver Arthur to both Sassuolo, always very attentive to young people, as well as to the same Milan of Maldini and Massara who make the quality and growth of the young players the new strength of the Rossoneri club’s technical project. Arthur brought other Ghanaians to Italy, such as Duncan (now at Fiorentina) and Chibsah (now at Bochum, Germany) and for this he had the task of mediating to try to place the young striker as well. The Rossoneri did not take advantage of the opportunity and they did Morgan De Sanctis the fastest by buying it from an academy in Accra, Eur Africa, after viewing it for a few minutes. Cost of the operation, 350,000 euros and a promise asked by Arthur himself to the player: “You have to get to the first team within a year. He, however, has forged ahead. And now we expect great things “.

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