You have to see it! week 5

Another week with a host of new exciting exhibitions. Get inspiration and read the editor’s recommendations of some of them. You can also get the full overview of current exhibitions in our Art Guide here.

1 feb – 3 sep, Jesper Christiansen at Ordrupgaard

Ordrupgaard is showing a large retrospective exhibition with the artist Jesper Christiansen. This happens in a sensuous and intimate staging of paintings, drawings and ceramics. The audience can experience more than 110 works from Christiansen’s minimalist beginnings to the present day.

Art Gallery Charlottenborg
2 feb – 5 mar, Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2023

The spring exhibition has been a regular part of Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s annual program since 1857. The exhibition offers works from home and abroad, and across visual arts, architecture, handicrafts and design from the 36 different artists and artist groups that have been included in the exhibition this year.

Holmegaard Works
4 Feb – 22 Oct, Louise Hindsgavl: The selected

History is transformed into art in a new exhibition at Holmegaard Værk. The museum has asked artist and ceramist Louise Hindsgavl to interpret the history of six South Zealand estates in an artistic perspective.

Cindy Sherman: Untitled2019. Foto: Robert Wedemeyer © Cindy Sherman. Courtesy the artist and Sprüth Magers.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
4 feb – 5 jun, Cindy Sherman: Tapestries

She is internationally known for her masquerade-like self-portraits that delve into questions of identity. For the first time, Sherman is seriously exploring a medium other than photography, combining the new technology of the 21st century with a traditional craft, the making of woven tapestries.

KH7 Artspace
4 Feb – 25 Feb, Astrid Gjesing: Hasn’t she been here before?

The exhibition is built around six installations that contain both new works, created specifically for this exhibition, and existing works of art that have been reworked. The most prominent subjects are Gjesing’s sensitive and vulnerable mind, and childhood memories of anxiety.

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Ribe Art Museum
4 Feb – 29 May, Peter Callesen: In deep waters

Callesen is known for using paper as his primary material – on both a large and small scale. In the exhibition, he examines the enormous importance of water for man. This happens both with meter-high and microscopic sculptures – all in paper.

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