“You just have to look at your border.” US Ambassador to Georgia answered the question of who is dragging Tbilisi into the war

“When I hear from people that the US is working against Georgia or trying to drag Georgia into a war and open a second front, this is 100% Russian disinformation,” she said.

The day before, MPs Dmitry Khundadze, Mikheil Kavelashvili and Sozar Subari said, without naming the United States, that “no one will grant Georgia the status of a candidate [в члены ЕС] after six months, if until then the country does not join the war or impose sanctions against Russia.

The US Ambassador replied that America and Europe have done everything in their power over the past 30 years to help Georgia on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

“I think it’s very important that Georgians remember that 20% of Georgia’s territory is occupied by Russia. It was Russia that tried to kill your language. It was Russia that plundered your churches and turned them into animal stalls,” Degnan said.

According to her, “if there are any questions about what Russia’s friendship means for Georgia, then you just need to look at your border – and everything will be clear.”


17 June European Commission recommended to grant candidate status for EU accession to Ukraine and Moldova. Georgia did not receive such a recommendationbut the EC recognized her European perspective and noted that she needs to carry out reforms in the political, anti-corruption and civil spheres, including ensuring the de-oligarchization of power, gender equality and freedom of the media.

On June 20, a large protest rally, demanding the resignation of the government. “All regions and cities of Georgia will rise to their feet so that a wave of non-violent resistance will demolish all those who will interfere with our country on the way to Europe,” the leaders of the action said.

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On June 20, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated that does not envy Ukraine and Moldova. “Ukraine is given this status because it is at war. European colleagues told me that this decision was made because Ukraine is at war and that Moldova is also in a difficult situation. So I really do not envy either Ukraine or Moldova,” he noted.

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