“You know that I love you forever”: Marcelo Tinelli received a strong confession of love! Chau Guillermina?

A few weeks ago, Marcelo Tinelli He surprised everyone on his social networks, more specifically through the stories of his Instagram account, when he was in charge of communicating to his followers that together with Wilhelmina Valdés had made the decision to separate after eight years of relationship, and with a common child, little Lorenzo, six years old.

As expected, it meant a real bomb in show business, and the driver of the Dancing for a Dream He was in the eye of the storm before many rumors that indicated that there could be third parties in disagreement in this story. But what caught everyone’s attention in the last hours was the declaration of love that had him as the protagonist in the middle of a live and direct program.

This happened in Cantando 2020, where one of the participants, Gladys la Bomba Tucumana, made her debut and did not hesitate to dedicate it to Marcelo Tinelli. “Gladys is getting sexier every day !!”, the president of San Lorenzo posted spicy, leaving everyone with their mouths open. Far from remaining silent, she decided to demonstrate in front of Ángel de Brito and Laurita Fernández, making her feelings clear.

“My impossible love. I lost 10 kilos for you. Height is the problem here ”, said with great humor the renowned singer of the tropical scene, who had a very good performance with her son, Tyago. “You know that I love you forever. Once it gave me a spike, it is documented, ”said the blonde, leaving Cande Tinelli’s father very evident, who surely took it with great humor.

The song chosen for their debut on the track was “You are going to miss me”, performed by the cumbia ensemble Damas Gratis. “I want to dedicate it to Marcelo Tinelli, with all my love. I always think of him. I send you a kiss, ”said Gladys, who despite some observations made by the competition jury, obtained with her son a good score that left them as one of the best couples of the round, so far.

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