you know the new update of the messaging application

The Telegram team announced today a series of changes, so that users can use the application in a more simple and fun way.

WhatsApp may be the most used messaging application, but there are those who are from Telegram team. If you are from this group, we have good news for you. The developers of the messaging service announced changes, aiming to make its use easier and more practical.

New Folders feature

“Many of our users depend on Telegram for their work and studies, even more so in recent weeks,” the team announced on the application’s blog. “To make sure everyone’s chat lists can handle the increased load, and don’t miss out on important messages, we’re introducing the Chats folders“o”Chat Folders “ If you use the application in English.

You can separate your conversations according to category, in different folders. In this way, it will be easier to organize messages thematically, and switch between folders easily. You can categorize the conversations one by one, or even separate the read from the unread. The feature will be available on the interface once your conversation list is long enough for it to start piling up. It will be in settings> folders. If the option does not appear as available yet, from your phone you can activate it by clicking here.

The option will automatically update on all devices you are connected to. This includes desktop applications. In fact, if you are used to using its desktop version, you may notice some changes in the image of the application. A bar was added to the side with the Folders, plus icons to make them easier to tell apart.

Telegram channels and other news

If you have a Telegram channel, you will like this. Channels with more than 100 users now have a statistics option. You will be able to see a detailed analysis of growth and performance, which will help you in creating content.

In addition, the team added fun animated emojis with coronavirus motifs, such as an ambulance, soap, or a face with a mask. And if you are one of those who has not stopped playing games of chance with their friends remotely, you will surely appreciate the new function of an animated dice, which you can send to your opponents.


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