You know what Princess Diana would look like! Experts have prepared a visualization!

Princess Diana loved by millions around the world, she was called for a reason “Queen of Human Hearts”. What a tragedy it was to find out that Harry and William’s mother had died in a car accident.

To this day, her death is the subject of much debate. People all over the world are wondering if it was actually an unfortunate accident. Not everyone believes it’s a fate some say the royal family is responsible for her death.

However, the memory of Diana is still alive. Last year, Prince Harry and Prince William unveiled a mother statue for their 60th birthday in 2021. The monument was erected in Kensington Gardens, in her favorite garden.

Many people wonder what Lady D. would be like today if she had not died in a tragic accident. Experts involved in the creation of memory portraits decided to brighten up a bit for everyone what a middle-aged Diana might look like.

The creators argue that when creating portraits, for a week they carefully studied the physical characteristics of Dianawhile delving into hers medical history, as well as taking into account the “gene pool” of relatives.

The team from Michigan, using the same techniques that are used in cases of kidnappings and disappearances, estimated what Diana aged 50-60 might look like.

What do you think about their work?

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