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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. It was created 12 years ago and quickly spread around the world, to the point that it caught the attention of Facebook and the company of Mark Zuckerberg He ended up buying it for $ 21.8 billion. Now, the app already has more than 2 billion users.

The application is constantly working on new functions to ensure people’s loyalty, especially after the headaches caused by the announcement of the changes in the privacy policies.

Once these mishaps have been overcome, in recent times the attention of users has attracted a lot of notification “you may have new messages”.

This should not be confused with an application error. Basically, what WhatsApp does is report that it has not been able to connect correctly for a while and that new messages are probably not arriving. This can happen for a number of reasons, and therefore you have different possible solutions.

In case that the cell phone loses connection due to data or WiFi problems, this message may appear. For example, consider whether your device has enough battery power for background data syncing to work normally.

On many cell phones, this function is restricted if battery saver is activated automatically. That is, when the device has less than 10-15% power.

In the same sense, if the WhatsApp configuration is linked to a restriction on the use of data, whether from mobile networks or Wi-Fi, you may see the notification “You may have new messages” more frequently.

For this reason it is possible that, if the message appears, when you open the app connectivity is restored and you receive all the messages togethers.

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On the other hand, it is always convenient that you have the latest and updated version of the instant messaging platform to enjoy all its functionalities without errors. .

How to do so that the notification of WhatsApp?

Disable data saving

One of the first options you should try is deactivate data saving if you are connected to the Internet through your data rate because you don’t have a WiFi network nearby,

Check that, having an Internet connection through your rate, you have to uncheck the option “saving data” or similar, since it depends on the type of phone Android. One possible route to find it is through “connections / data usage”.

Activate airplane mode or restart the cell phone

If you have already deactivated data saving and you notice that it continues to appear “you may have new messages” in WhatsApp, you can also try activating airplane mode and deactivating it about 10 seconds later, this way, you reestablish the Internet connection.

Another option is to restart the smartphoneSimply, what you will do is turn off the phone and turn it on again a few seconds later. Although it may seem silly, it is possible that the incident will be solved and the notification will no longer appear.

Allow background data

In the case that you have an Android phone, another parameter that you should observe is one that allows applications to continue receiving data when they are not in the foreground. To do this, also check that the “Allow background data” option is enabled.

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The option is found for the specific case of WhatsApp in “Applications/ WhatsApp/ mobile data / allow data usage / WhatsApp.

Enable unrestricted data usage

If for whatever reason you need to have saving activated, but still want to continue seeing the messages from WhatsApp In the notification, you have the possibility to activate for WhatsApp a option called “allow data use without restrictions”. Follow these steps:

Access connections / data use / data saving / allow data use without restriction and within you choose only WhatsApp.

You can also enter applications / WhatsApp/ mobile data / allow data usage without restriction.

Change connection

If you have the possibility, change the WiFi network you are connected to your cell phone. And if that is not possible, remove the WiFi connection and connect to the Internet using your data (by 3G, 4G or 5G), keep it like that for at least a few days to see if the message no longer appears.


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