“You pay a high price for your health …”: WHO takes action in favor of health personnel

Geneva, Switzerland). – Last December the World Health Organization (WHO) made public the health crisis generated by the new coronavirus. Since then, more than 941,000 have died and almost 30,000,000 have been infected worldwide due to the pandemic. It is a battle whose front-line soldier has been the health personnel who, according to the international body, “pays a high price with his health.”

Therefore, this September 17 the WHO launched a plan to help better protect it. “Covid-19 has exposed health personnel and their families to an unprecedented level of risk,” said the Organization, stressing that the statistics, although imperfect, clearly show that “infection rates among the latter are much higher than among the rest of the population ”.

The five-point plan, presented this Thursday, advises establishing synergies between strategies aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the sick and health professionals, or even developing national programs to better protect healthcare personnel. The plan insists on the need to protect medical personnel from physical and biological hazards, in particular by providing them with sufficient protective equipment and the necessary training to use them properly.

According to the WHO, health personnel represent around 3% of the inhabitants in the vast majority of countries, less than 2% in the poorest countries, and the figures collected by the entity show that 14% of covid cases -19 refer to health personnel. “In some countries, this proportion can reach 35%,” the statement underlines.


The risks are not only physical, either due to the coronavirus or the violence to which such personnel are exposed. Stress created by permanent fear of getting sick, long working hours, separation from family members to protect them, and sometimes rejection or hostility from society also seriously undermine your health.

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