“You went out, you took it down”: Felicia Mercado said that to date Verónica Castro has not spoken to her because of a love rivalry

The actress admitted that Verónica Castro has not spoken to her for many years (Photo: Instagram @feliciamactriz @vrocastrooficial)

For several years a rumor has persisted in the middle of the show involving two female stars of soap operas, and that is One of the oldest but unknown lawsuits by the Mexican public of entertainment involves Verónica Castro, who has already been involved in various rumors about her love history in recent times.

However, there is a story that would have emerged from a supposed secret romance many years ago and that is known to few, and it is until this 2020 when more details are released about it by the other person involved in the alleged “love triangle”: the actress Felicia Mercado.

And it is that in an interview for the program The minute my destiny changed, Felicia spoke about some aspects of her personal life and revealed the cause of a problem that arose decades ago and what involves the call queen of soap operas.

Verónica Castro and Felicia Mercado worked in “Rosa Salvaje”, where they highlighted their lawsuits on television (Photo: Screenshot / Televisa)

During her participation, the actress explained that the lawsuit between her and Verónica Castro It was due to a misunderstanding caused by some people in their social circle. In the talk, the actress explained that some versions were handled that supposedly she had dated a man named Enrique Niembro, who was a partner of Verónica Castro and father of a youngest son, Michelle.

The interpreter explained that she did not have any kind of relationship with him, but admitted that This caused the enmity between them that continues to this day, since when those rumors were raised, Verónica and Enrique were united as a couple.

Although everything was left in a misunderstanding, the 60-year-old actress assured that to date, the driver and also mother of Cristian Castro, remains totally convinced that she had something to do with Enrique, reason that has distanced them.

Verónica has been involved in different rumors in recent months, one of them is her alleged relationship with Yolanda Andrade (Photo: Instagram @vrocastrooficial)
Verónica has been involved in different rumors in recent months, one of them is her alleged relationship with Yolanda Andrade (Photo: Instagram @vrocastrooficial)

“I never dated him, I never hung out with him, I really don’t know who came up with it. I have never seen her (Verónica) again, I have never seen her again until now, we are talking about many, many years, although I have already said it many times on screen; I see it and I am happy to tell you… I thought we no longer cared, but if we have to say it, yes ”, said the first actress.

Felicia even recalled that many years after these rumors spread, it was a mutual friend who let her know that Verónica She still held a grudge for the misunderstanding involving her with the man she only saw a couple of times in a meeting with friends.

“Still years later our mutual friend Alfredo Palacios tells me ‘Hey, he’s amazed’ and I say ‘why?’, ‘Well, because Niembro, you came out, you took it down’ and I say ‘no’. I don’t know if he or who put the jacket on. ‘ I never went out with him, there was never absolutely nothing, “he added.

Felicia Mercado assured that she never had a sentimental approach with Enrique Niembro, which is why she has “nothing to hide” from Verónica (Photo: Instagram @feliciamactriz)

“Please tell him, many years have passed, please tell him that it was not, if it had been because I already apologize and no way, but the truth never was, I was with another person, I always had my partner and others, I was not interested, I met him, I saw him once or twice in my life, what kind of romance am I going to have with a man who… I mean no ”, Mercado emphasized, who also assured that during his career he took great care of his personal appearance before the cameras and focused more on his acting projects.

“I was never known much, I was always very private, I was not very fond of that I was with one and the other, I had my long-term romances, and because my work was important and others, Well, the gallants were everywhere, imagine if I started to walk with all the gallants who threw me all the way “, stressed the actress.


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