You will be surprised when you know how much Jana Mekdad earns from amount that company managers do not get!

There is no doubt that YouTubers around the world get very high amounts of money in exchange for the high number of views that they get on the videos that they publish weekly on their channel.

This matter is no longer a hobby, but rather a large number of social media stars, most notably the stars of Birds of Paradise, i.e. Asumi and Alwaleed Miqdad and their sister Jana Miqdad and their mother as well, because the financial return is very large from the heavy advertisements on their videos. In an analysis carried out by one of the sites for her channel, the amount that Jana earns could reach 8 thousand US dollars per month, provided that it would increase more than that if her videos gained more views, and this is a high amount for the 14-year-old.

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