You will not believe.. the engagement of Princess of Art Mai Izz al-Din.. ignites the internet and leads the trend after 40 years of spinsterhood.. you won’t expect who the groom will be?

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No one knows the reason for the delay in the marriage of the Egyptian artist Mai Ezz El-Din, who has a beautiful face and charming features for all this time, which made her one of the most prominent spinsters in the artistic community after she crossed the 40-year barrier.

Earlier, a video clip spread on social media about the engagement of the artist Mai Ezz El-Din, after a friend of hers appeared offering her marriage, but her reaction was shocking.

Mai Ezz El-Din’s marriage to a young man named Ali sparked a lot of controversy, as he jokingly asked her to consider asking for her hand in marriage, but she completely refused.

When her boyfriend, Ali, asked her why she refused to marry him, she said that he knew many women and was not serious about his request, and the couple broke down laughing.

This video is old and not new, but it has been re-published now, but its history dates back to more than a year when Mai was appearing on social media, but today she is almost completely absent.

The Egyptian media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, had revealed Mai’s decision not to appear in the media, noting that she preferred to focus on her work and enjoy her personal life away from the spotlight.


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