You won’t believe it! An MMA wrestler bit a roommate in intimate places

He ran on November 11 this year, and American Donovan Salvato attacked his roommate Abel Sosa. Many would have thought that it was a classic stabbing, but that was not the end of it. The former had to strike his roommate several times in the face with a clenched fist, then bit him in the intimate area, more specifically in the testicles.

During the subsequent investigation, the police documented a laceration of about six centimeters in the intimate area of ​​the attacked Sosa. In addition, local authorities revealed several bruises, a broken lip and swelling of the head. But when law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, MMA wrestler Salvato fled.

Five days after the incident, 29-year-old Salvato went to Nashville Prison, where he spent about twelve hours. Salvato is currently facing charges of domestic assault and personal injury.

Despite the awkward moment that Sosa had, he spoke somewhat unexpectedly about the whole situation.

“I need to write a book or something about some of my stories that have happened to me. Who can say that an MMA wrestler bit his testicles during a battle? I’ll wait … Nashville can be so wild that I’ve been in greater danger here than anywhere else. “

Salvato has had four amateur MMA matches, during which he managed to win three times. He last wrestled about a year ago, when he scored his first defeat.


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