Young Chilean woman recounted her experience with Tourette syndrome and went viral

Valentina Quintana, a 15-year-old Temuco, moved to social networks with a powerful video in which he explained what it is like to live with Tourette’s syndrome, and sent a message “to all people who may have an illness and which may mean teasing others“.

Two years ago he was diagnosed with the disorder in which, according to his words, “involuntary spasms, movements and screams enter”, which are not just tics.

“I want this to be made visible, that it is not like on television that they show people of 30 years old and that they hardly have any movements. I I want to show reality, what it costs me to do day by day“said the teenager.

Valentina’s video caused a furo, with more than 1.5 million views and thousands of comments. “I have touched a very hard road, since almost all my life they have bothered me, “she said, listing times that they have ignorantly recommended exorcisms to her, they have laughed at her on the street, and have even accused her of pretending.

Valentina delivered a “encouragement to move on” message and against discrimination who was applauded. Days before, he also shared details of his experience with the Tourette’s syndrome with the Argentine influencer Fede Popgold.


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