A young man from Alto Hospicio accused that the police officer infiltrated Lo Hermida (Peñalolén), which was discovered by his appearance on a television show, impersonated his identity to create the character with which the uniformed man carried out intelligence tasks.

It’s about a 21-year-old man who claims to be the real one Giovanny Arevalo Alvarez, a pseudonym used by the carabinero in the aforementioned capital city for about five months this year.

“It’s super dangerous for me and my family, because they can commit any crime, kill a person, burn something, all with my name on it, and then they come to me. And who saves me? “, Said the young man to Cooperative.

As revealed Cyprus the last day, the policeman had an identity card, with RUT, under that name, protected by the Intelligence Law that allows Carabineros to request such documents from the Civil Registry. He even maintained a BancoEstado Rut Account, through which he deposited money for pots common to the social organization in which he infiltrated.

The young Giovanny, the real one, said that he only found out this morning of the situation, after waking up at home. “Getting up with my wife and daughter, my brother calls me and sends me screenshots,” he said.

His normal life takes place in Alto Hospicio, where he works as “independent of pololitos, in construction, whatever comes out”.


According to the report by CyprusIn addition, in his alibi, the uniformed infiltrator said in Lo Hermida that he had participated as a “front line” in protests in Antofagasta, to justify his insistence on instigating the residents of the population to confront the Carabineros. “You have to burn them,” he even said once.

For his part, the real Giovanny told Cooperative that he does have “problems with Justice”, so he is “paying with a monthly signature for a robbery in an uninhabited place. But “I’m being good now,” he said.

“I’m getting out of everything, doing behavior, working, and now they come out with this?”

“We are from a poor family, we do not have to pay lawyers. They take advantage of poor people”, also denounced.

Before knowing the version of the real Giovanny, the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez, had supported the work of the carabinero, despite the fact that he was discovered. “He has not committed crimes”, stressed this day.

The Civil Registry officials had also spoken, questioning that the organism becomes part of actions like that, “even when the Intelligence Law allows it.” Also, this Friday The Comptroller General of the Republic officiated at the aforementioned service and the Carabineros that the inform “about the mechanism” used to create the second identity -until then fictitious- of the official.


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