Young man rams the Mazda van Reimond (78): “I heard brakes e … (Bruges)

The young man’s car burned down completely.

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A 23-year-old man caused a serious accident along the Astridlaan in Assebroek (Bruges) on Friday night. He lost control of the wheel at the pharmacy and drove into two parked cars. Not much later, his car caught fire. The other two cars are also ready for the scrap heap. “That man was extremely aggressive,” said one of the victims.

Reimond Moreau (78) got ready for an hour’s sleep on Friday night. But that was counted outside a 23-year-old young man from Beernem. He drove along the Astridlaan in Assebroek in the direction of Oedeem. In a slight bend he lost control of the wheel. He crashed into two parked cars. One was Reimond’s Mazda. “My son’s actually. But I use it, ”says the older man. “I heard brakes and then a loud bang. I actually already knew what was going on before I went out. ”


Reimond’s car was hit first. The driver got out of the car under his own power and was also able to free his dog. “I saw that man get out. He went to the other side of the car and started to scream. On a woman and child, I suspected at first. But afterwards it turned out that it was a dog. I was too scared of him to help. So I went to call the police. ”

When Reimond came out again, the driver was nowhere to be seen. The man had sat down on the sidewalk with his dog. A local resident who was also startled by the bang went to speak to him. “No decent word came out. That man was drunk. He was otherwise unharmed, but I was worried about his dog. The animal was very much in shock, ”she says.

Auto in brand

Not much later, the car caught fire. The flames shot out of the car. Eventually, one of the other two cars also caught fire. The material damage was therefore great. Reimond’s car did not burn out, but may be ready for the scrap heap. “It really does a lot of damage. Both on the front and the back. It will probably be explained as a total loss, I fear, ”says the man.

Driving license withdrawn

The police blocked the street so that the fire brigade could do their job. Two cars burned out almost completely and may be ready for the scrap heap. The driver in question was found to be heavily intoxicated. His driving license was therefore immediately withdrawn for fifteen days. The young man will also have to explain it before the police court later.

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