Young man who stole bulldog puppy ‘Emilio’ released


Luis Carlos “N” will face a free process after robbing a bulldog in the streets of the Roma neighborhood. Photo: Carlos Jiménez


Luis Carlos “N”, accused of stealing the bulldog named Emilio and trying to extort his owner, was linked to the process, however, he obtained his freedom.

After being taken, during the early morning to the North Prison, a judge determined that the defendant may take his process free by not having a criminal record.

During a private hearing, the judge ordered the defendant, 26 years old, who must live in a certain address, also go to sign bimonthly and can not approach the victim’s address, or look for any type Communication.

The events occurred on January 4, around 11:45 a.m., when the dog was sitting on Guanajuato Street, in Colonia Roma, a few meters from the business of its owner and was robbed by Luis Carlos “N” and a minor woman.

Security cameras captured the moment the couple flees with the dog. The man is the one who carried it with difficulty and the complicit woman watched that nobody saw them.

About 30 minutes later, the owner of Emilio realized he was not there, so he and the local employees started looking for him. In addition, they started a social media campaign to find their whereabouts.

The thieves asked him 5 thousand pesos to return it; otherwise, they would sacrifice it. During the day he was mentioned various points and times for his meeting.

For his rescue, the Investigation Police set up an undercover operation and secured the arrest of a 16-year-old teenager and Luis Carlos “N” in the streets of the Doctores neighborhood.

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