young man will sue his parents for having brought him into the world without their ‘consent’

Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old man from India, went viral on social networks after he announced in a statement that occurred to those behind him that he would sue his parents for being born ‘without their own consent’.

According to what he explained on his Facebook account and on his YouTube channel in 2019, his parents brought him into the world “for your own joy and pleasure “, without having consulted it before.

“If they bring us into the world without our consent they should support us for the rest of our lives. They should pay us to live. Isn’t it forcing a child to enter this world and then force him to pursue a career equivalent to kidnapping And slavery? “was what he expressed on his YouTube channel.

On the other hand, the man in the middle of his publications where he is seen with a false beard, talks a lot about Indian cultural tradition. There it ensures that parents have the right to make decisions about the lives of their children, including who to marry.

Constantly on his Facebook account, Raphael promotes the ideology where he shares images by ensuring that parents have their children “instead of a toy or a dog”, being a kind of entertainment.

“Humanity does not make sense. Many people are suffering. If humanity is extinguished, the Earth and the animals would be happier. They will certainly be better. Besides, no human being will suffer. Human existence is totally useless “, is what one of his publications says on his official account.

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For now it is unknown if the man the demand is really ready towards their parents.

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