Young people more concerned about the climate crisis than their parents

About 1.2 million people from dozens of countries took part. More than half a million participants are under the age of 18.

Angry Birds

Researchers used a striking method to approach young people. While playing games like Angry Birds, they saw a pop-up. This gave them the opportunity to participate in research at Oxford University and the United Nations.

Globally, nearly 70 percent of minors see climate change as an international emergency. In people over 60, 58 percent think so, the researchers said. When looking at all age groups, the average is 64 percent. Young people in the United Kingdom and Italy (86 percent) are particularly concerned, much more than in countries like Argentina (63 percent) and Moldova (61 percent).


Participants in the survey were also allowed to comment on what kind of policy they would like most. The conservation of forests and other nature areas in particular scored well. That received the support of 54 percent of the respondents.

The development of sustainable energy sources and ‘climate-friendly’ agricultural techniques also received relatively much support. Promoting vegetarian food was at the bottom of the list.

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