Young-tak’s ransom was about this level

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“Young-tak’s ransom was this much? What a superstar level.”

The controversy over the ransom of Young-tak arose as news of the failure of the contract renewal between singer Young-tak and Yecheon Brewery, a maker of ‘Young-tak Makgeolli’, was spread.

On the 22nd, Yecheon Brewery said, “We signed a one-year contract with Young Tak on April 1, 2020, breaking the highest model fee in the traditional liquor industry at the time.” “The contract finally expired on June 14, and the contract was not renewed.” told

“Young-tak requested an amount of 5 billion won for one year and 15 billion won for three years, including separate model fee, brand-related cash and company equity, and refused to adjust the amount by the deadline,” he said. In addition to explaining that it is not realistically possible, at the time of negotiations in June, we finally proposed 700 million won.”

In addition, although negotiations on Young Tak’s model broke down, Yecheon Brewery stated that there was no problem with the use of the ‘Young Tak Makgeolli’ brand.

In response to the controversy over the request for 15 billion won, Young-tak’s agency started to evolve, saying it was ‘groundless’.

Young-tak’s agency Milagra said in a statement through a legal representative, “Yecheon Brewery’s claim is not true at all, and there is no fact that Yeong-tak’s side demanded 15 billion won from Yecheon Brewery.”

Clearly, the two parties who sat at the same table and discussed had a completely different official position.

The management company said, “Yecheon Brewery wants to apply for the ‘Young Tak’ trademark in the second half of 2020 and requested permission from Young Tak, but Young Tak politely declined. In April, negotiations were underway in the form of receiving a certain amount of down payment and royalties according to the sales volume, but the amount was not 5 billion won or 15 billion won at all.”

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Afterwards, “On June 14, when the two sides set the negotiation deadline, we suddenly replaced the agent with a large law firm, and sent a document stating ‘Position on the licensing of the trademark ‘Young-tak’ by e-mail, and the contents were reported by Yecheon Brewery Young-tak. It was meant to be that the trademark could be used without the consent of the company,” he explained. “It was very absurd that Yeong-tak received the above email without prior notice to Yecheon Brewery.”

“I was once again surprised by Yecheon Brewery’s inconsistent appearance,” he said. “I sent a reply stating that Yecheon Brewery’s claim was not valid and saying, ‘We will end the negotiations,’ and the trademark-related negotiations are completely over.” He added.

Was the price of Young Tak like this?  Makgeolli truth workshop surrounding the 15 billion demand

The Yecheon Brewery side previously mentioned when the discord between Young Tak and Young Tak Makgeolli became an issue.

Yecheon Brewery said, “Our company is nothing more than a local small and medium-sized company that is now trying to grow with a total sales of 5 billion won in 2020 and a net profit of 1 billion won” and “expanding the misconception that it is a vicious company that many people who do not know about renewing contracts use Young Tak and throw them away. It is mass-produced, so the damage is considerable,” he said.

He continued, “Even at this moment, Yecheon Brewery and more than 100 Yeongtak Makgeolli nationwide due to the boycott of Young Tak Makgeolli, which is being conducted online through YouTube broadcasts, fan cafes, Instagram, etc., as well as offline at Nonghyup Hanaro Mart, and malicious companies. The dealerships are in danger of extinction,” he complained.

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With the Young Tak fandom as the center, suspicions arose that Yecheon Brewery was trying to take advantage of the fame of ‘Young Tak’. “When Young-tak participated in TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. Trot’, he sang ‘A Cup of Makgeolli’ and became a hot topic, so the company applied for the trademark ‘Young-tak Makgeolli’.”

A representative of Yecheon Brewery said, “Since 2019, we have created three names, Jintak, Youngtak, and Hoeryongpo, and after much deliberation, we have filed a trademark application for ‘Youngtak’ on January 28, 2020.”

Last month, the Korean Intellectual Property Office issued a right interpretation on its official YouTube channel that “a manufacturer cannot register a trademark unless it receives the consent of singer Young-tak.” Kang Seung-gu, secretary of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, who appeared on the broadcast at the time, said, “Mr. Young-tak sang a cup of makgeolli on the air in January last year.” “After that, the makgeolli company applied for the trademark ‘Young-tak’ with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, starting with Mr. Young-tak himself, and Others have applied for ‘Young Tak Makgeolli’ or similar trademarks with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, but none have been registered.”

“The first application filed by the makgeolli company was rejected,” he said. “Article 34 (1) 6 of the Trademark Act stipulates that trademarks containing the names and titles of well-known others cannot be registered unless they obtain their consent. are doing,” he added.

However, Young Tak’s agency said, “Yecheon Brewery’s statement contains a claim to the effect that Yecheon Brewery has the right to use the Young Tak trademark. Such a claim is not only legally invalid, but also has the right to use the ‘Young Tak’ label. “If the dispute continues, it is expected that it will be confirmed that Yecheon Brewery’s claim is not valid according to the judgment of the Korean Intellectual Property Office and ultimately the court.”

In addition, “The Yecheon Brewery’s makgeolli currently on the market is a product that has nothing to do with singer Yeong-tak, so we hope that there will be no misunderstanding or confusion about this (consumers).”

In the second round of the TV Chosun ‘Mr. Trot’ finals, Yeong-tak sang Gangjin’s ‘A Cup of Makgeolli’ in a one-on-one death match, gaining popularity and rising to the 0th place in the makgeolli model.

A representative from Yecheon Brewing said, “I saw singer Young-tak singing a cup of makgeolli on a TV show, and I even signed a model contract.” In addition, on the occasion of Young-tak’s birthday, he applied for a product and received a great response in the market, and in April, he was called the winner of the makgeolli category at the ‘2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Grand Prize’ awards ceremony.

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