“Your face sounds familiar”: Who won in episode three? Quite a surprise!

After two episodes of the ongoing edition of the program “Your face sounds familiar”, the 21-year-old singer Oskar Cyms took the penultimate place, but last week as Kasia Kowalska he showed that he was not going to let go. It was he who won now, recklessly impersonating Eminem.

Participants of the program “Your Face Sounds Familiar” in the third episode (center winner Oscar Cyms as Eminem)

After two episodes of the new edition “Your face sounds familiar” the presenter led quite surprisingly Christopher Ibisz (57 points), which he won as Maciej Maleńczuk i Wierka Serdiuczka. Another actor was on the podium behind him Piotr Stramowski (38) and singer Daria (37).

The participants are evaluated by a different jury Małgorzata Walewska, Robert Janowski i Paul Domagala.

“Your face sounds familiar”: What happened in the third episode?

She was the first to appear on the stage Daria Marx as Terri Nunn from the team Berlin. She sang the great movie hit from “Top Gun” – “Take my breath away”.

“You surprised me. I thought it would be worse. There in the lyrics it says ‘Take my breath away’ – ‘make me take my breath away’, and it kind of happened to me. I felt a bit sorry for you too, because there’s nothing to win there. She wanders around in this video. At least you stood next to a cool boy who played keyboards. To sum up, it took my breath away, but I think it will deny even more in the future, “Robert Janowski assessed.

Daniel Jaroszek became a woman for the first time and sang in Polish. As dressing he performed her song “Cover”.

“I really like the risk that you had and Sarsa has. This program also surprises me because I see a woman who is not a woman. I had such a mistake once in Thailand, but I would not like to talk about it publicly. But really, it was a very nice performance. I miss having such fun with you. Maybe this is the best moment of your life, maybe it will never be like this again. It’s nice that you let it go like that, that you have so much fun with it “- Paweł Domagała encouraged the participant.

Julka Kaminska this time she stepped out of the masculine role and transformed herself Lady Gaga (“Bloody Mary”). Delighted Małgorzata Walewska assessed the participant standing up: “I see a few nominations here: for costumes, for set design, for stage movement, for vocals, for courage … I can list for a long time. Excellent, you just had everything. And that coat of yours I want to have”.

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“Your Face Sounds Familiar”: Julia Kamińska as Lady Gaga

Julia Kamińska as Lady Gaga in the program “Your face sounds familiar”

“Your face sounds familiar”: How was Krzysztof Ibisz as Franek Kimono?

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After two wins, he became the favourite Christopher Ibiszwhich this time appeared as Frank Kimonothe musical version Piotr Fronczewski (“King Bruce Lee Karate Masters”).

“I look at you with great pleasure in each episode, discovering a different person. You go beyond the framework, you escape any objective assessments. It’s a hard nut to crack, because you are extremely plastic, such a scenic animal, extremely hardworking, which gives results in each of your Bravo you” – summed up Robert Janowski.

Krzysztof Ibisz as Franek Kimono in the program “Your face sounds familiar”

Kasia Koleczek she drew Take Odella and his hit “Another Love”.

“You created an amazing atmosphere, I need to pull myself together somehow. I think this is the kind of message that requires total focus. Of course, there were a few little things that I could pick on and the first one is … breath. Because the point is that it’s great and it could be even better. That’s why I’m telling you this, you’re brilliant, you’ve got personality, you’ve got something to say, you’re incredibly talented. And that’s why I’m telling you this. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. Great!” – said Małgorzata Walewska.

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The actor faced a considerable vocal challenge Piotr Stramowski. He incarnated in Freddie Mercury in his solo song “I was born to love you”.

“I don’t think your teeth prevent you from singing. When it comes to vocals, you know, Freddie is very difficult to imitate, he was a genius. But the acting was first class. I think it’s the best energetic performance today. Everything was right. , it would be all Freddie” – said Paweł Domagała.

Piotr Stramowski as Freddie Mercury in “Your Face Sounds Familiar”

Natalia Janoszek by contrast, she had the most demanding role in terms of choreography. She appeared on stage as Jennifer Lopez in “Get Right”.

“J.Lo is first a dancer and an actress, and then a singer. And here everything in that order was perfectly visible. I was very impressed with your dynamics of movements. Everything was tight, every move was done to the end. Only vocally it didn’t suit me to the end colorful. But otherwise it was nice” – commented Robert Janowski.

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Natalia Janoszek is afraid of the fans’ reaction “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. “They might hate me”

He was the last to appear Oskar Cyms. The 21-year-old singer faced the hit “The Real Slim Shady” american rapper Eminem.

“I’m impressed, although it’s a clichéd saying, so I’d rather say you impressed me. How can you learn so much text in such a short time? you had it so embedded in every gesture, in every accent … I understand that it must fly like a prayer, there is no time to think It must be so embedded that even if you wake up at night, you ‘please , stand up and please, stand up'” – said delighted Małgorzata Walewska.

“I won’t say I’m impressed either, because it makes no sense, but I have great respect, because I know how much work it must have cost you, and this work (in the good sense) was not visible here,” Paweł Domagała assessed.

Eminem The Real Slim Shady (Clean Version)

It was Oskar Cyms who became the winner of the third episode. He donated a check for PLN 10,000 to the Siepomaga Foundation, specifically to little Zosia, who is battling cancer.

“Your face sounds familiar” – the results of the third episode:

1. Oskar Cyms
2. Julia Kaminska
3. Kasia Koleczek
4. Krzysztof Ibisz
5. Daniel Jaroszek
6. Daria Marx
7. Natalia Janoszek
8. Piotr Stramowski.

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