“Your leadership is leading the country to destruction,” – the former journalist of Russia’s “First Channel” sends a package to Putin

On her Facebook page, Agalakova published a photo with awards and a note addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It says that Putin’s leadership is “leading the country to destruction” and that she considers the awards unacceptable.

She also published a photo with a postal receipt showing the address “Moscow, Kremlin, for Vladimir Putin”.

On the other hand, the last post she published is about the partial mobilization announced by Putin, which, according to Agalakova’s post, shows that it is not a “partial mobilization” at all. “They come at night and take – without sorting. In Yakutia, Buryatia, Tuva… It started with the poorest regions. Fathers of many children, young men who have not served at all…”

She refers to the “Instagram” site @aisiansofrussia, where the testimonies are said to have been published.

It must be said that Agalakova hosted news programs on the “First Channel” for more than 20 years. After Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, she resigned, calling the work of Russia’s official media “zombification” and left the country.

Agalakova left “First Channel” on March 3, but officially terminated her employment with this media on March 17.

Speaking to reporters in Paris, Agalakova previously stated that there is little independent media in Russia, which means that Russians are being bombarded with false information. She stated that Russian TV channels are controlled by the Kremlin, which forces lies and propaganda to be broadcast.

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