YouTube: Axé Bahía met to celebrate its 20 years of experience: Watch the presentation [VIDEO]

The Brazilian group Axé Bahia stepped on Chilean soil to sing and dance his best hits with which they became famous in the 90s and 2000s. In 2021, the artists returned to the stage to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The organization of the Telethon of the southern country brought together Flaviana Seeling, Francini Amaral and Bruno Zaretti to appear this Saturday, December 4. “We really wanted to be with the public, there was a lot of nostalgia. There was the invitation, the desire and we made the decision, “said Flaviana, the leader of the group.

To start, Axé Bahia he started with ‘Dança Da Manivela’, ‘Chuchuka’, ‘Onda onda’, then he continued with ‘Mueve la pompa’. After this first part, the Teletón recognized the group for its trajectory.

After that, they sang ‘Kiss in the mouth’, ‘Danza Da Maozinha’, ‘Danca do Vamipiro’, and to finish their 10-minute presentation, they finished with ‘Oda odes’.

Axé Bahía turns 20

In 2000, Axé Bahía was one of the most popular groups on television and radio, becoming a success, so much so that they had tours throughout Latin America.

Taking as the main reason its 20 years of creation, Flaviana revealed that for next year many surprises are coming. Will they do a tour? “There are more projects and soon we will tell more about this,” he said.


I understood that reference

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