Youtube: – Banned after corona fracture

Youtube has deleted the Russian-language broadcaster RT’s German-language channels. The reason is that RT is said to have violated the guidelines of Youtube regarding incorrect information about the corona pandemic.

“Youtube has always had clear guidelines for society that describe what is allowed on the platform,” said a spokesman. according to The Guardian.

RT’s German channel was originally suspended and therefore unable to upload content. During the suspension, the Russian broadcaster tried to use another channel to circumvent the ban on uploading.

– Therefore, both accounts are now closed, the spokesperson continues.

– Propagandaverktøy

RT was launched in 2005 as Russia Today. RT Deutsch is the German-language online channel from RT. They want a broadcasting license in Germany, which they have not yet received. The German Journalists’ Association (DJV) urges the media supervisors in Germany’s 16 states not to grant a license to RT Deutsch.

RT has been repeatedly criticized by the West for being a propaganda tool for the Kremlin. Among other things, they are accused of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation on behalf of the Russian authorities.

Threats with consequences

The Russian Foreign Ministry calls the blockade an “unheard of information attack committed with the obvious consent of – if not at the request of – the German side.” No evidence has been presented for this claim.

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The ministry also threatens countermeasures against German journalists in Russia, but does not provide further details. It is further stated that such measures are not only appropriate but also necessary.

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Not alone

RT is not alone in being banned from Youtube. The same thing happened with the media channel Sky News Australia in August for the same reason, he wrote BBC.

The cinnamon was accused of spreading a video that Youtube believes contained incorrect information. Youtube did not point to specific elements, but said that the material could be harmful.

Sky News digital editor Jack Houghton said the decision was an attack on the ability to think freely, writes the BBC.

Sky News Australia denied that any of the hosts had ever denied that covid-19 existed.

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