YouTube Music will offer audio only on its free plan starting in November

YouTube Music is a product that starts from YouTube and that seeks to take advantage of its wide use as a means of listening to music. In that sense, we have an immense musical catalog, the possibility to see the video of the song and all this to consume for free with the plan that includes advertising. However, as of November 3 there will be a change where the free service of YouTube Music it will be audio only.

In this way, those who want to continue enjoying the audiovisual material will need to switch to the payment plan.

YouTube Music will only offer audio for free

Although Spotify is the go-to service when it comes to streaming music, YouTube Music represents a great option. With the free plan that many users used, they could not only play in the background, but also watch the video of the song. In general, it was a very attractive option, especially for those who enjoyed watching the videos. However, as we mentioned before, this will change in early November.

The idea of ​​YouTube is to capitalize on audiovisual material, leading users who consume it to pay for them on YouTube Music Premium, to see them without ads. Meanwhile, users of the free plan will be able to continue enjoying all the music they want, but without access to video.

If you want to see the video that accompanies some musical material, you will still have the possibility of going directly to the YouTube application. It should be noted that these changes are beginning in Canada and the company’s plans are to do the same throughout the world. So, if you use YouTube Music, you should know that this deployment could soon arrive in your country. In that sense, it is best to go looking for alternatives or simply switch to the premium plan in case you want to enjoy the videos.

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