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If you hate a movie’s new trailer or dislike BTS’s new song, you’ll need to find a new way to let the world know because YouTube will no longer show how many people clicked. the “dislike” button under his videos.

On its official blog, YouTube announced that it is making the change to help protect video creators from viewer harassment. After experimenting with the removal of the “dislike” button in early 2021, YouTube found that the number of “dislike attacks” – where viewers try to increase the number of “dislikes” on a video as much as possible – had decreased.

Video creators will still be able to see how many dislikes have been recorded on their own videos using YouTube Studio.

YouTube wrote that while some people disagree with the change, it is the best decision for the site. The change began “gradually” from November 10, he writes.

YouTube’s least liked video is YouTube Rewind 2018 : Everyone Controls Rewind, which has 19 million dislikes. While the video – which was produced by YouTube – was meant to be a celebration of YouTube content of the year, many people felt it focused too much on products and celebrities instead of popular YouTube creators.

The second most hated YouTube video is from 2016, Baby Shark Dance, which is became famous as one of the most boring songs ever made. Produced by South Korean children’s channel Pinkfong, the video has 14 million dislikes. However, it is also the most viewed video on YouTube, and has been viewed nearly 10 billion times.

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