YouTuber is based on a Tesla model 3


A YouTuber with an angle grinder and a workshop showed how easy it is to create a user from a Tesla model 3, beating the California electric car manufacturer in the production of a long pick-up pick-up.

The inventor and television presenter Simone Giertz has published a 31-minute video of his spraying sparks and removing the parts while cutting the tail of the luxurious electric sedan to turn it into something that seems ready for an African adventure.

Nicknamed the Truckla, the final result uses most of the Tesla body with a small ute tray flanked by an extended luggage rack equipped with a trio of safari lights. He also mentions the legendary Subaru Brumby, a small ute still loved by Australian peasants.

The ambitious Truckla project involved at least 15 employees, including fellow YouTuber Richard Benoit (from Rich Rebuilds), known for tinkering with Teslas.

It started with a brand new model 3, which arrives in Australia in August with a price of $ 66,000, plus road costs. While Giertz and his team of experts have considered the larger Model S and Model X, the 3 won because they use a steel frame instead of an aluminum one, making it easier to manufacture.

Giertz chose the base of the Standard range, which drives the rear wheels and initially will not be offered here.

Despite the apparently random cutting and welding, many thoughts and efforts have been made in Truckla.

He started with various sketches and design meetings, detailed measurements and even the standard model 3 to determine how much weight was on the front and rear wheels.

While the model 3 bases remain – including the electric motor and floor-covering batteries – there are also unexpected additions, including the bed of an old Ford F150 and the rear window from a GMC Canyon.

There were hiccups along the way, including body twisting as cuts were made through the roof beams.

While the roll bars and the luggage rack help to create the aesthetics of a sturdy truck, they have also been requested for structural strength to prevent it from curling or bending.

The project was scheduled for a year and involved "crazy amounts of work", but the result is something that Giertz is clearly proud of.

"I love Truckla so much, it's my absolute dream car."

So much so that he requested something very ute as a celebration – burnouts and dusty donuts in a paddock as part of a fake TV commercial.

But Giertz has more plans for the Truckla, including a new paint job and a lift kit to lift the suspension.

No doubt about a future episode on YouTube …

Meanwhile, Giertz sells shirts with a design sketch of the Truckla.

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