You've never seen (or smelled or tasted) a Van Gogh like this


What smell does a painting by Vincent van Gogh have? If it's a vase of sunflowers, you'll get a spray of citrus and lavender to evoke the south of France, where the post-impressionist created these works. While you are served wine and cheese, that of Bach Prelude n. 1 in C major will be conveyed through the speakers.

"Instead of exhibiting an isolated work of art, we are telling a story with highly technological and multi-sensory tools," says Bruce Peterson. "It's almost a cinematic experience."

Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound: the impression of the artist from the gallery Lume in South Melbourne, which involves all five senses to create "an emotional response".Credit:The Lume

If you haven't heard much about Peterson, you'll do it soon. The next year, the former high school teacher will open The Lume, a 2000 square meter gallery in South Melbourne that can accommodate 400 guests. His first show features thousands of van Gogh's paintings, sketches and personal letters, but no original pieces. Instead, it will transmit the images on gigantic curved walls and vast floors, with music and fragrances tailored to each period of the artist's life.

All in all, Peterson will spend $ 15 million on 150 high-definition projectors, audio equipment, aroma diffusers and a commercial kitchen, bar and coffee shop.


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