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Konami Digital Entertainment released 3 new titles of Yu-Gi-Oh’s digital games yesterday (20), including the upcoming “Yugiou RUSH DUEL”, the previously announced title of “Yugioh MASTER DUEL” and a brand new “Game Wang CROSS DUEL.

“Yugioh RUSH DUEL” was launched on Nintendo Switch. It is a work adapted from the latest animation “Yugioh SEVEN” in the “Yugioh” series. It uses continuous summons and a large number of draws as a selling point. It supports Internet connection. Japan is expected to be 8 On sale on the 12th, Europe and the United States will be this fall.

▲ Published videos of three works with Chinese subtitles.

The second is “Yugioh MASTER DUEL” that spans all platforms of PS5, PS4, XBOX SERIES X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), iOS and Android. Other Yu-Gi-Oh series games with anime or comics as the theme are entirely based on Yu-Gi-Oh OCG cards.

“Master Duel” will take advantage of the performance of the re-host, support 4K picture quality for the first time, and show the special effects and courage of digital card battles. The official has also begun to plan related events. At present, the game has publicized a promotional video, but the release date has not yet been publicized.

The third paragraph is the brand-new “CROSS DUEL”, this game will adopt a 4-player duel to change the game style. It is expected to be released on iOS and Android platforms.


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