Yuko Ogura Waseda University entrance exam was apt!Witnessed “220 yen coffee shop hard study” seriousness | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Yuko Ogura ・ 200 yen Concentrate on studying for entrance exams at a coffee shop

“When I suddenly raised my eyes, a very beautiful woman sat in a narrow seat by the window and desperately.studyI was doing it. The notebook is full of letters and is black. I thought it was a familiar face somewhere … “(Customer who was present)

Mid-April, in the suburbs of Tokyocoffee shop.. It’s a popular chain store where you can drink coffee for 220 yen per cup, but it was an unexpected person who was studying there. The above-mentioned customers continue.

“If you look closely, howYuko OguraIt was Mr. (38).Aiming for Waseda’s Faculty of EducationTake the examI knew from watching TV that I was studying hard, but I was surprised that I was really working so far. “

After finishing his studies in about an hour, Ogura picked up his two sons at a nearby swimming school, and the three of them ate ice cream together.

Kokura is known to have been working hard to raise children by herself since the news of her separation in 2019. A variety show production staff praises her personality.

“A talent who can talk from a housewife’s point of view is indispensable for an information program, but she is a perfect person. The appearance of raising three children without relying on anyone is also very popular. As you can see from the fact that you are studying for entrance exams and that you are strong in financial tech, your mind is quick and you can flexibly respond to your requests, so it is very easy to work.

I haven’t heard of a new partner so far. I think the immediate goals are to pass Waseda on a sunny day and to raise children well. “

There is about 10 months left before the exam. Kokura, who “concentrates” during busy periods, may be able to bloom cherry blossoms next year.

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