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Julia Nachalova

Julia Nachalova // Photo: legion-media

The doctors continue to fight for the life of Yulia Nachalova, who is in a serious and stable condition in a medical coma. Neither the star's parents nor her official representatives, however, comment on the changes in the young woman's condition. Fans and colleagues are still praying for his health, because it has recently become known that information about Julia's brain swelling is not true.

Anonymous medical sources received information that the singer had undergone leg surgery. We remember that it was the erased foot that led her to go to the clinic where her condition got worse. The consequence of this surgery on Julia was severe bleeding. Now the doctors are trying to stop it. It is still unclear what kind of operation was performed, but before there were suggestions that the amputation could threaten the star due to the gangrene that had begun.

Recently, the singer shared holiday photos

Recently, the singer shared holiday photos // Photos: Instagram

According to a source in the clinic, where the 38-year-old star is located, Nachalova now "does not come to her senses, she is in a state of sleep, from which she has not yet been taken out. Yulia had parents – no one is allowed in. Now don't there will be medical interventions, we will support the vital activity of the body.The only serious concern of doctors is the existing risk of pulmonary edema ".

The information on the status of the singer is carefully hidden from the press, but it is already clear that the 38-year-old actress suffers from a lot of illnesses that have caused such serious complications. The migration of gout and diabetes mellitus caused a harmless innocent leg to cause complications and swelling. As a result, the actress was urgently hospitalized. After a sudden blood sugar jump, the star has not regained consciousness. Later it was discovered that Nachalova had another difficult diagnosis: lupus erythematosus. Fortunately, while information on brain edema has not been confirmed.

Julia Nachalova with her daughter Vera

Julia Nachalova with her daughter Vera // Photos: Instagram

Let us remember that recently the singer led an active life, he took part in the shooting on television, and then he rested in Italy and enjoyed the views of Rome. The star often admitted that, despite his illness, he tried to appreciate every moment of life. On Instagram he even wrote a message to his fans: "My friends, enjoy every second of your life! Love the people, your children, parents, relatives, friends! Don't worry negatively, develop, work on yourself. Become better and better every day. Share your joy and be grateful to God that you are alive and well! "Said Nachalova.

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