Yulia Nachalova's father accused the misfortunes of the singer's first husband's daughter


Victor Nachalov believes that it was in his first marriage to singer Dmitry Lansky that his daughter seriously undermined his health. Because of her beloved husband, Julia Nachalova became passionate about diet pills and became anorexia.

Composer Victor Nachalov thanked friends and fans of his only daughter for help and support. The only person of whom Yulia Nachalova's father spoke negatively was the singer's first husband, Dmitry Lanskoy.

"All our problems started with him. He probably wouldn't do it now. Malakhov in the program "Hello, Andrei!" on the TV channelRussia 1 ".

As previously stated on the site kp.ru, he is Julia's first husband Nachalova, by admission of the singer, he took her to anorexia. Julia at the age of 18 began a civil marriage with the soloist of the "Prime Minister" group Dmitry Lansky. They met while studying at a music school. In 19 years, young people got married.

The marriage of Julia and Dmitry. Photo: Anatoly LOMOKHOV / News from the east

The marriage of Julia and Dmitry. Photo: Anatoly LOMOKHOV / News from the east

Nachalova's husband loved very thin girls. He has often criticized his appearance. To justify her lover's wishes, Yulia was on a strict diet. "At the beginning I tried not to eat for 10 days, I saw a good result and I was dragged out, I already weighed 45 kg, but I considered myself often. He started eating only vegetables. The weight has risen to 42 kg. The desire to eat was gone. At that time, I lost 25 kg in a month and a half. I stopped eating, I only drank water and then my body stopped taking water. And I started feeling very sick, "the artist admitted.

The parents, he said, were terrified and her husband liked it. "One morning I could not get out of bed – it was no strength, but it did not scare me … However, it became clear that something was wrong with me: the pressure was 75/45 – very low. Lost consciousness" – said Nachalova.

When it went to the doctors, the experts diagnosed she anorexia. Furthermore, the doctors talked about infertility. Only after the singer has taken for herself: she has dreamed of having children. But the anorexia progressed, the metabolism was disturbed. "I realized that I needed to eat, but I couldn't even watch the food", he recalled the artist.

So Dmitry Lanskoy looks now

It ended up in the hospital with complete exhaustion. His marriage to Lansky collapsed and the consequences of anorexia had to be addressed for a long time. Perhaps it was the anorexia that triggered gout in the singer's body.

Recall Julia Nachalova died on March 16 from cardiac arrest in the 39th year of life. The singer had gout, doctors diagnosed with diabetes. March 21, the actress was buried in the Troyekurovsky cemetery of Moscow.


The ex-husbands bid farewell to Julia Nachalova: "C & # 39; has become more angel in heaven"

The funeral actress organized her friends (details)

The sudden death of Yulia Nachalova: anorexia and diet pills have caused the disease

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Julia Nachalova's health could have been shaken by "weight-loss medicine".

The singer lost 25 pounds to please her husband (details)

Nachalova's attending physician: "Yulia had neither diabetes nor lupus, her life was ruined by accident"

Half a year ago, Julia was treated by the head of the "Mozhayka 10" Vasily clinic Shurov. According to the doctor, Julia was treated well and the singer was quite healthy. What, then, claimed the life of the singer (details)

Nachalova forbade doctors to amputate a finger with an infection

In the program of the program "Let them talk" he spoke about the death of Julia Nachalova. We recall that the 38-year-old singer was not March 16 – her heart stopped in the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital. On the transfer from Dmitry Borisov Julia's relatives gathered to talk about what happened in those unlucky days (details).

Because doctors can't save Yulia Nachalova's life

"Only because of gout, what happened to Nachalova would not have happened," says Olga Rozhdestvensky, endocrinologist, nutritionist, member of the American and Chinese Association of Endocrinologists, c. – I'm sure sepsis has been set against a critical backdrop sugar in the blood (details).

In Moscow, they said goodbye to Yulia Nachalova.



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