Yun Jin the Genshin Impact character that cost miHoyo the most

If you are one of the many users of Genshin Impact, you will know that one of the novelties of the most recent update of was the addition of 2 new characters.

Well, one of them was Yun Jin, an interesting young woman who, despite not being of 5-star rarity, caught the eye a lot. attention by the tradition on which it was inspired miHoYo to create it, since said character was initially mocked and was one of the ones that cost the most work. miHoYoBut they say it was worth it.

So now what Genshin Impact has become one of the games with a greater number of characteristics of oriental culture, however, with Yun Jin, miHoYo it went much further.

We mention it, because the young woman is based on one of the oldest traditions of China, the opera, and somehow, that brought mockery to the character.

Now what miHoYo made that known, it was something really unexpected, because it happened in the update stream, since, during the process, the character could be seen singing just like Chinese opera artists do.

These operas are usually very high-pitched melodic tones and apart from that in Chinese, which is not common in the West, which is why many found it very strange and even embarrassing, causing some to make fun of this.

We must also say that there were some users who did defend the character, since it is something very traditional of Genshin Impact.

These teasing, however, gradually faded and Yun Jin She has been winning the hearts of fans and even many of those who made fun of her. The same users argue that their voice has become more familiar and even beautiful, for which they have become fond of it.

This phenomenon is usually something natural, since it shows how we stop seeing something “strange”, some cultural elements that alienate just because they are something foreign or distant, from other countries.

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