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Do you the distance a large gap between what is declared by Yusuf Sharif in his meeting with the media the tireless Rami Radwan via (D. M. C), and exercise already most of the stars of the screen?.. I can’t imagine only that the difference is only in degree.

Joseph more directly and openly, because it writes directly in the contract, it insists on the area provides a precautionary safe between it and the share of unemployment, that distance earlier on the coronavirus (MERS-CoV) at about 13 years old, after his movie (what a mess) by Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef.

Let’s remember such as movies, series and most of our stars and our, Don’t burn, they are also on the cooling of passion!!.

I follow Joseph since its beginning 16 years ago in a movie (Seven papers cards) directed by Sherif Sabry with Ruby, I didn’t buy it as an actor capable of development, but the secretariat of health of the uniqueness of mention in the same sentence that an audience believes it and looks for its work.

The star of the television within the group of very few shoot them (Star Project), a work of art made for them, these are the ones who send the out of a road bike, and enough enthusiasm for a work of art to be produced and go in front of him all the obstacles, choose to team work, in the studio, not a louder sound on their voice, all the details start and end to them.

Republic of Yusuf right music find by the largest on television. he is more conservative than the cinema audience, The Last Movie Joseph (the structure of Adam) show two years ago, and did not achieve success is not commercially or technically.

We dealt with a permit to Joseph the latter, like blowing up a surprise, although we saw him place the letter on the screen, they stop me some of what he writes on his page and is trading, when viewing the series before the last, he asked the audience to go fishing and watch the show, if it was felt that the artwork distracts the public from the practice of religious rites, so why continue mainly to provide people what stands between them and the mention of God?.

The star takes his powers through his ability to marketing, and Joseph this measure, the paper does not considered, such as tenderness of the left was to legally impose the veil on all the series and movies who played the tournament, and everyone was aware that it presents the series of the terms of tenderness, and she was the author of the resolution recognition, has been required by its terms even invited to voluntarily the two screens, the terms of the veil of tenderness look exactly like the terms precautionary Joseph, we have to deal with the audience accept things afraid of the art world, and direct references to this artist and tell him (Bravo) and invites him to continue on the same approach.

Are you an artist who puts on his feelings, all of these caveats can creativity?.

Artist before standing in front of the camera, possessed of a sense breaks all the restrictions, and if issued inside the shipment movement, how we doing on the screen, does the audience plays a role for the ratification of the artist on a scale other than the creativity?.. Many other factors play the role of unemployment, which is paid Yusuf to that special place, apply the standards of religious and moral on the technical conditions, as much as what hits the creativity in the killing, but they may play the role of unemployment in the same moment for its payment to the court (the clerk), and another tale!!.

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