Yves Coppieters wants to be reassuring in the face of the Delta variant, “but we must continue the vaccination”

“As in other countries, we are dealing with the circulation of the Delta variant which is visibly more contagious than its predecessors. And this will probably continue all summer, ”notes Yves Coppieters.

Effective vaccination

“But that doesn’t mean disease and severe forms of disease. The Delta variant is no less lethal, but it comes at a time when our population is starting to be increasingly protected. This shows that vaccination is effective since we do not know the same dynamic as before. We must therefore continue this vaccination, not necessarily for the entire population but in any case for groups at risk, ”suggests the epidemiologist and professor of public health at ULB.

Tests due to travel

Other data in clear increase this Tuesday: the tests. Almost 60,100 on average were performed daily, an increase of 49% compared to the previous comparison period, for a positivity rate that remains stable at 1%.

Here, the analysis is simple. “This increase is due to travel and all kinds of activities calling for this test. We know that the month of July is a month of transhumance for Belgians, ”explains Yves Coppieters. “If the principle of the CovidSafe passport is clear, its applications are not always clear. And taking a test is extra insurance for travelers. “

This explains why certain testing centers have been taken by storm in recent days, as was the case, in particular, of that of the CHR de la Citadelle, in Liège.


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