Zakopane changes its decision. Classes in schools from September 1

Classroom classes in schools in Zakopane will start on September 1, the mayor of the city, Leszek Dorula, announced in a Thursday statement. The change in the decision of the city authorities is related to the negative position of the state poviat sanitary inspector in Zakopane in this matter.

“Nevertheless, due to the change in the opinion of the state poviat sanitary inspector, we must adapt to the new position, which provides for the commencement of full-time classes in schools on September 1, 2020” – wrote in a statement posted on the city’s website.

The mayor emphasized in a statement that the decision of the city authorities that full-time classes in Zakopane schools would not start until September 28, and that by that time students were to study remotely, “was made for the health of children, youth and teachers in schools in the area of Municipalities of the City of Zakopane “.

“We strongly believe that returning to classroom education after the holiday season is the best way to stop the development of the coronavirus pandemic” – emphasized the mayor.

Earlier, the Zakopane authorities did not want children to return to schools in the city until September 28. However, the MaƂopolska Board of Education and the Sanepid did not agree to this.

Another opponent of such a solution was the Minister of National Education, Dariusz Piontkowski.

As for Zakopane itself, there is indeed contradictory information from there. From the information that I received, it appears that the state Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Zakopane did not agree that the classes should start with a delay of three weeks. – said the minister of education.

Therefore, school management in Zakopane has no right not to start classes on September 1 – said Piontkowski.

On Wednesday, the website of the city of Zakopane informed that “due to the development of the epidemiological situation in the region, classroom classes in Zakopane schools will not start until September 28”. From September 1, the classes will be held remotely for almost the entire month – explained.

The authorities of Zakopane emphasized that this decision “was widely consulted with the environment of Zakopane principals, teachers, doctors and parents”, and returning to the facilities at the beginning of September “may result in a rapid increase in the disease, and thus paralysis of the entire education system”.

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