“Žalgiris” who received the debut of I. Brazdeikis and A. Butkevičius beat the men of “Wolves”

Returning to Lithuania after the camp in Spain, the basketball players of Kaunas “Žalgiris” won another victory in the control match. The students of Kazis Maksvytis in the training hall of “Žalgiris” arena with the result 80:59 (18:12, 16:18, 20:13, 26:16) beat Alytus “Wolves” team.

Keenan Evans started the duel with an accurate mid-range shot, Kevarrius Hayes put it in after his pass from above, Edgar Ulanov made one free throw, and Tomas Dimša finished the attack with an accurate shot from under the basket – 7:8. In time, K. Evans cut into the penalty area and added two easy points, Lauryns Birutis scored four points in a row, Tyler Cavanaugh hit from the board, and at the end of the half, T. Dimša hit a three-pointer from the corner – 18:12.

For two minutes of the second quarter, Žalgiris players were scoreless, but then Arnas Butkevičius made two free throws after intercepting a couple of balls, Edgar Ulanovas made three, and K. Hayes added two easy points – 25:17. Ignas Brazdeikis scored his first points with an accurate free throw, Rolandas Šmitas scored two points from the free throw line, and then Rolandas Šmitas made a layup from above, K. Evans organized a successful raid under the basket, and L. Birutis ended the quick attack with a smashing layup – 34:30.

After the break, Žalgiris could not score points for two minutes (34:35), but then K.Evans, E.Ulanov and K.Hayes each hit a two-pointer, and T.Dimša, T.Cavanaugh and R.Šmitas scored three points – 49:39. During the rest of the half, R. Šmitas hit his second three-pointer in a row and after I. Brazdeikis hung the ball, he put it powerfully from the top – 54:43.

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I.Brazdeikis scored four points in a row, Lukas Lekavičius scored a two-pointer with an opponent’s foul, L.Birutis excelled with a shot from under the basket and a layup in a quick attack, another three-pointer was scored by T.Dimša and two dozen points separated the teams – 68:48. T. Dimša intercepted the ball and put it from the top, K. Hayes scored two free throws, T. Cavanaugh nailed two three-pointers from the same corner, and the Zalgiris team ended the game with an impressive episode created by K. Evans and K. Hayes – 80:59.

“Zalgiris”: Tomas Dimša 13, Rolandas Šmitas 12 (6 rebounds), Tyler Cavanaugh 11 (8 rebounds), Kevarrius Hayes 10, Laurynas Birutis 10 (3 blocks), Keenan Evans 8 (8 assists), Edgaras Ulanovas 6, Ignas Brazdeikis 5, Lukas Lekavičius 3, Arnas Butkevičius 2 (3 goals per game), Karolis Lukošiūnas 0, Mantas Kalnietis 0.

„Wolves“: Regimantas Miniotas 16, Ahmadas Caveras 10, Adas Juškevičius (4 assists, 3 fouls) and Eigirdas Žukauskas – 7 each, Arnas Beručka 5.

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