Zanetti stops Juric with merit: for Ivan a late change and little turnover

The confrontation between the two technicians after the 1 to 1 of the “Penzo” between Venice and Turin

The former Torino Paolo Zanetti he studied the game of “Penzo” well and deservedly snatched a point from Ivan’s team Juric. The match was vibrant and open until the last second (Milinkovic-Savic parade and Mandragora’s open field restart). Venezia have shown that they can play their cards to stay in Serie A: has the means to at least participate in the grim battle for the maintenance of the category. For their part, the grenade people had made a good mouth after the victories with Salernitana and Sassuolo and the mocking draw with Lazio. Zanetti, however, was careful to inhibit the most dangerous players of Turin (Ansaldi and Brekalo, goals apart) and his players were good at applying his directives, confronting Turin without fear in terms of aggression and intensity. Forward, then, two fast players like Johnson and Okereke have been able to annoy the grenade defenders by moving a lot to remove reference points.

TURNATIONS – Not having an alternative available to Sanabria is making itself felt in the long run, especially in the last ten days marked by three matches. The same goes for the trocar. The defections of Praet and Pjaca, players able from the bench to give brio and vivacity during the second half, weighed heavily. The only first choice that Juric spared, at least from 1 ‘, was Mandragora who took over in the final, not capitalizing at 95’ the opportunity for 1 to 2 after 70 meters in open field. But it was probably reasonable to expect a greater shift in defense, where, apart from Izzo, there was no shortage of alternatives. At the triple whistle Juric it was clear: Zima and Buongiorno still have to grow, so this “It’s not a time when you can make a lot of changes”. In support of this thesis, the Croatian technician added that the trio composed of Djidji, Bremer and Rodriguez is doing well and also on the Frenchman he spent important words, despite the second consecutive penalty caused. And if it is true that Izzo has given up again for back pain, surely Djidji’s new mistake increases the party of observers who would have preferred to see Zima on the pitch.

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REPLACEMENTS – Djidji was also in trouble from the start of the race and Juric could have replaced him earlier (for example, immediately after the first yellow card): Zima warmed up for a long time and could have entered earlier compared to 79 ‘after the expulsion of Djidji and Aramu’s goal from the spot. Juric also admitted that he made a mistake in not providing for the replacement, exposing Djidji to the bad intervention that resulted in his second yellow card and penalty. The assumption of responsibility is appreciable for an imperfect management of the bench in conditions that are not easy, however, given the many defections that did not allow Turin to rotate too many men. The injuries, therefore, deprived the grenades of that long squad that literally made the difference in recent weeks and conditioned a match in which, thanks also to Venezia, Torino was less bubbly than in the recent past.

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