Zanoli also has Covid

Third positivity at Covid at Naples on the eve of the championship match at San Siro against Inter: after Demme and Politano, full-back Zanoli also tested positive for Coronavirus just landed with the team in Milan. Apprehension among Neapolitans.

Third positivity at Covid at Naples a few hours after the championship match that sees the Neapolitans engaged at San Siro against Inter. After Diego Demme and Matteo Politano, too Alessandro Zanoli in fact, he tested positive for coronavirus. This was communicated by the same team from Campania who announced that the 21-year-old full-back tested positive for the anti-covid swabs made last night upon the arrival of the team in Milan, specifying that the boy had already contracted the virus in the past and is vaccinated with double dose.

Great apprehension therefore in Naples on the eve of the very important championship match against the Nerazzurri, with all the rest of the squad that should, however, be available to the coach Luciano Spalletti. The danger of an outbreak therefore seems to have escaped for the time being. According to what was explained by Napoli, in fact, the 2000 class (vaccinated with a double dose and who had already contracted the virus previously) is the only one in the Neapolitan team group who landed in Milan for the away match against Inter who did not return a negative result to the swab.

The SSCN announces that following the swabs carried out after midnight, the footballer Alessandro Zanoli tested positive for Covid-19. Zanoli had already contracted the virus in the past and is vaccinated with a double dose“we read in fact in the note issued through its official channels by the Neapolitan company which then also added that”the player will remain in isolation while the rest of the team group members, all negative, will regularly take part in the match against Inter Milan“.

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