Zelensky announces great material and human losses of Russian troops in an attempt to advance in the Vugledar area

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The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, reported today of an attempt by Russia to advance in the zone of Bird guidein the eastern province of Donetskwhich would have resulted in significant casualties among the Russian ranks.

“There was an attempt by the enemy to advance in the direction of Vugledar, but our fighters stopped it, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy: dozens of units of equipment, many dead and wounded,” Zelensky said on Telegram after meeting with his council. security and defense.

Vugledar is situated about thirty kilometers south of the municipality of Márinkaalso in the Donetsk region and in one of the axes of the front where Russia launches dozens of attacks every week to gain territory.

The town of Vugledar had more than 14,000 inhabitants before the war. The municipality remains in Ukrainian hands despite repeated Russian attempts to conquer it. It is estimated that Barely half a thousand people continue to live in its municipal boundaries.

Zelensky has also said in his message that “Ukrainian defensive actions in Avdivka” (Donetsk) and Ukrainian “offensive operations” in the south continue, referring to the Zaporizhia front.

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